Plastic Industry

The main area in which our firm operates is in the plastic sector. We work with a large number of processors of plastics with different methodologies, like primary or secondary plastic conversions.

One of the classifications of the transformation processes is based on the changes undergone by the plastic inside the machinery. Thus, we can find primary or secondary processes.

The primary processes are those in which the plastic is molded by a thermal process where the material passes through the liquid state and eventually solidifies. On the other hand, on the secondary processes, mechanical or pneumatic means are used to form the final article, without melting the plastic.

In Trullás RE we manufacture all kinds of spare parts for the plastics industry for machinery primary processes as extrusion, blow molding or dipping, or also for mechanisms of secondary processes such as thermoforming.

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The electric heaters more used in the plastics industry.

> Ceramic infrared heaters

> Mica band heaters

> Nozzle heater

Hospitality Sector | Chemical Sector

Thanks to the test of time and to our accumulated experience, we have successfully expanded our roadmap to other sectors such as Hospitality and Chemical Sectors.

So, we work with companies engaged in manufacturing industrial appliances such as coffee makers, iron heating plates, double-boiling heating, dishwashers, water heaters, refrigerators or toasters, all of them industrial.

On the other hand, we also work with chemical companies for the heating of liquids such as the overheating of fuel, the oil chambers, cleaning stains, degreasing, heating farms or electromedicin.

We also work with companies that engage in any other sector that requires heating elements, either by special production or manufacturing any standard of our products.

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The electric heaters more used in the catering industry and the chemistry industry.

> Flat heaters

> Armored tubular heaters.

> Immersion heaters