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In Trullás Resistencias Eléctricas we are manufacturers and specialists in providing solutions to our customers.

We work under some pillars that define our company. Service to our customers, quality of our products and meetting deadlines are only some of our main principles.

Our heating elements cover various sectors. Some examples are the industry of plastic manufacturing, infrared radiation heating systems, flexible heaters, liquids and gases heating and temperature regulation, among others.

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Offering solutions to the industry since 1957

Trullás Resistencias Eléctricas is a family business founded in BARCELONA in 1957 and dedicated to the manufacture of electric resistances of infrared radiation, and it was the pioneer company and unique manufacturer of this kind of emitters in Spain. Their commercialisation was held until 1990 by one of the leading companies in the electricity sector.

From 1990 to date, Trullás RE incorporates the process of commercialising its own product. In addition to this, the company expand their range of products to include all types of electric heaters for industry, with a wide variety of applications. With over 50 years of experience, we continue to believe that nowadays the cooperation with companies involved in the commercialisation of our products is vital to ensure the best quality and service to the end consumer.

Our main objective is to meet the needs of our customers by manufacturing electric heaters in its different applications, ensuring the use of materials of the highest quality and technology. We offer the manufacture of electric heaters for a variety of applications, offering full satisfaction and speed of service to our customers.

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Our location

Trullás Resistencias Eléctricas (c)
Sant Joan Despí 08970
Phone:+34 933.734.943